Learning to Consume Coffee and Other Things in Moderation

The problem with Americans when it comes to diets is that when they hear something is healthy, they eat or drink too much of it. For example, nuts are healthy for the heart. They have a healthy form of fat and contain nutrients that are beneficial. However, that does not mean you should eat a whole jar of honey roasted peanuts or any nut that is salted or sweetened radically. Coffee is surprisingly healthy for some things such as antioxidants, but drinking a pot of it a day or more can be a problem. You can get heartburn or too much caffeine. Too much caffeine is tough on your heart and blood pressure. Vegetables are healthy and so are salads. However, a salad dripping with dressing or broccoli smothered in cheese sauce loses a lot of its health benefits due to the extra calories and fat. Some salads can be many hundreds of calories.

Appropriate consumption of even the most healthy foods and beverages is needed. Take coffee for example. When two cups are considered healthy, that is two 8 fluid ounce cups, not two of the large coffee sizes available at your local coffee shop. Plus, those super sweetened coffee drinks that can be many hundreds of calories and contain more carbs than what two meals should contain need to be avoided. So, though it turns out that coffee is surprisingly healthy, you want to not mess it up by pouring in too much fatty creamers, artificial flavors and sugars in the form of sweeteners and flavors. Even if you do this, try cutting back a bit on the extras over time. You may find after a few months that you enjoy plain black coffee. Maybe even black decaf! This way you can enjoy the health benefits without adding to the sugar and fat load you already are getting in your daily diet.

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