It is Amazing That People Still Fall for Spam Emails

I get about 20 or so spam emails a week now. I am very careful what I sign up to receive by email. I do not like companies that share information with third-parties. I have a junk email address that actually has “junk” in the name. I use it when I suspect something is a phishing expedition by a shady net company. I have been on the Internet from the beginning. I had a bulletin board service and used the early email systems. I do not know a lot about the email spam history. I cannot remember when I first started receiving them. It is so commonplace now.

My favorites are the foreign princes that are willing to give me millions if I only accept a bank transfer into the United States. The international lotteries where you pay a fee to get your prize are great too. They must still be making money off of people with those scams. Otherwise, why would they still be coming out. If the scammers find out you are a man, they will send you emails for Russian brides and little blue pills. Those emails are just disgusting. I do not know what is sent if they know that the email holder is a woman.

I do wish there was a way to shut them down fast and keep them down. They just switch to another domain and start again. A lot of that junk is coming from outside the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I know we have our own share of domestic spam emailers too. I cannot fathom someone paying money thinking they will get a foreign bride sent to them. Or, worse yet, trusting a spam company to send you a prescription medication! Are people really that gullible? I guess so. If they weren’t, then everyone’s spam folders would always be empty.

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