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I need some funny ideas for a locksmith company commercial. Any ideas?

21 July 2013 by

  1. Were going to be creating a commercial for my locksmith company and am looking for some funny ideas that will be memorable. As a company we do lock outs; sel, move, and repair safes; and make keys for just about anything. Any clever ideas?

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  2. I am looking for a key to a commercial washer does anyone know where I might be able to find one?

    Answer by Stuart
    Generally, commercial washing machines use an Ace key. You can have a locksmith cut you one, if you can prove the washing machine is yours.

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    – Stuart


    the lock doesnt take a regular key.

    Answer by Andrew
    Duno i dun get the question?

  4. I dont want to damage the coin box or lock but would like to know if I could get into it myself like picking it. If not what would it cost to get key from lock maker? Just to let you know I bought it at a sale with no key and theres no money in it, the coin slots are filled. Thought if would be fun to get room mates to start paying for there laundry service!

    Answer by Lacy Lee
    That so totally awesome I want one! Where did you get it?

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