I Love My Work but Fear the Customers

I’ve been lucky to work with Cox cable service for a couple of years now and I’ve got to let you guys in on something. Some customers can be so cruel that I often wonder why I am still doing this job. I love it, please don’t think I blame Cox for anything that the customers do, but it’s just crazy to hear the things a customer will say to me when they’re angry. I have never engaged with a group of people who are so tied up in their cable television or their Internet connection that they would say the kinds of things they do when their services go down.

I just want to tell you guys this because I want you to think about your state of mind and emotional state when you call in for tech support. We work a lot of hours and we often deal with hundreds of people on any single given day. Last night I worked with nearly 120 people and that, for me, was a slow night. When a service disruption occurs think about how many people are calling in within minutes of each other. It can be overwhelming and we are trying to help.

Not being able to help someone who calls me is awful. I wish I could but when it is out of my hands there really is not a single thing that I can do but reassure the customer that service will be restored. It will, it always is. I don’t know why they act like it won’t or that we’re doing it on purpose. More than one customer has accused our company of doing this on purpose to force them to call. No, that’s not true at all! If only more customers were more respectful toward us I’d like my job more.

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