I Have a Better Connection

When I moved into my home, I chose from a list of internet service providers, and picked the one that I thought was the best. This was a big mistake. I should have put more thought and time into my choice, because I ended up with a company that has pretty terrible service. The service always disconnects at the most inconvenient moments, and the speed of the service is terribly slow. The other day I tried to download multiple items, and they were downloading at various speed, and this was all from the same website. The first picture downloaded quickly, while the rest were as slow as snail’s pace.

This was the final straw that broke the camels back. I didn’t want to keep paying for such a terrible Internet service, so I looked for some Internet companies. I went to a website that one of my friends told me about and searched for a better company than what I was getting. Within the first few minutes of searching, I found at least 10 companies that were better than what I was using. I couldn’t believe how many other companies there were that ran circles around my current company.

I signed up for one of the companies, and they installed a new router in my home. The router had a faster wireless connection than my old one because it used a different kind of connection type. The browsing, downloading and uploading speeds were faster too. I downloaded the same set of pictures that I did before on my old service, and they all downloaded at the same speed this time. The speed was so fast. It only took a few seconds to have all of the pictures saved on my computer. I’m glad I never have to use that other Internet provider again.

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