Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is approaching fast and I just realized that I need to make plans. Of course Jennie and I have been getting a lot more serious and it is obvious that she is expecting that I should make a proposal rather soon. It seems as though this is the best time for it and I am thinking about how to make it special. I was afraid that I may have waited too long for calling the limo places, but after a few tries I went to and found a stretch limo I was looking for. Of course since it is just her and me, I did not see the sense in spending a huge sum of money on something ridiculously large. Instead I just got a town car, which in this case is just a really nice Mercedes Benz sedan. It is the sort of car a wealthy doctor or lawyer might drive to work every day. In fact it is a bit more sensible for us than one of the huge types. In fact this is just a much more practical auto in all senses of the word really. It is going to cost a good deal less than any of the stretch models and it is obvious that it is going to be a lot easier to get to most places. I have seen one of those really long ones stranded. The driver pulled into some place and then he could not manage to get out of the place. Those guys have to be really careful that they have an exit plan for every little move that they make. It is not like you can turn one of those things around on a dime. Since this is just an ordinary automobile, the driver can just drive it like one.

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