We Love the Trees at Our New House

When my husband and I bought a house in a small town, we were both pretty excited. Since we were married, we had been living in a tenth floor apartment in a large city. Prior to that, we both lived in apartments with our parents, so moving to a small town and having a house with trees and a large yard was a pretty big deal. One of the reasons why we chose the house that we did is because of the trees. I looked up tree pruning in Queens County, NY before we even made an offer on the house, because I wanted to know what we were getting ourselves into.

Without ever having owned property let alone a tree, I wanted to make sure we were not getting in over our heads. If it was just one tree, it would not have been a big deal. However, there were at least two dozen trees on the property, and most of them are pretty large. I was able to find a company that had excellent reviews, and I was impressed when I looked at their website and saw all of the different tree services that they perform.

What I really appreciated the most was learning about trees from their site. I know a little about trees, but I don't really know much beyond they are pretty and can be dangerous in a wind storm. I was able to read about pruning and why it is so important. I was also able to talk to someone about the property we were considering, and they offered to give us a free quote. That was really nice, and it is what made us decide to put an offer on the property after they got the quote back to us. They will come out on a regular basis now to make sure that the trees are healthy and gorgeous!

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