Bringing Color into Local Schools

I've always enjoyed working as a painter in Bergen County NJ. There's something special about being able to bring a slice of color into someone's life. We take for granted how much color impacts us on a day to day level. Imagine a day where you were not submerged into the multitude of rainbows that is our daily comings and goings. From the traffic lights to the clothes we wear. From the blasting of advertising all around us to the natural colors of flowers, trees and sky. We live in a world of color and without it, we can quickly become depressed.

That's something which baffles me whenever I think about the days of being in high school. If there is one place that I've found to be lacking in true color it would have to be the local high schools. They felt so institutionalized that they were almost criminal in their methods of keeping the attention of the students. They complain that any distractions would cause their students attention to wander but if we follow that vein of logic, might it not be the lack of meaningful classroom engagement that is lacking? I found myself desperate for stimulation during class due to the lack of color.

That's why I try to offer my business more often than not to schools. I encourage them to at the very least bring some sort of life and color into their hallways, even to let the students themselves to be a part of the painting. It's sad how many turn me down with statements like, "Children have enough color at home!" as if somehow that makes it okay. Sometimes I wonder if these men and women actually care for the students or if they merely see them as a means to an end for their paycheck.

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